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IoTool Dashboard

Sensor solutions are a hit these days – everyone has their own solution for IoT, M2M, monitoring sports activities and health related problems or home automatization. There are a lot of smartphone applications for different sensors and actuators on the market, but all are made to work exclusively with specific devices, use cases or syncing data exclusively to the Cloud.

IoTool helps connect IoT devices (more than 100 sensors and 20 actuators already supported) via any interface to a smartphone or Raspberry Pi. The collected data is encrypted, stored, displayed, processed and synced to the Cloud (IoTool servers with your full access, available in 16 datacenters around the World or other IoT platforms, like IBM Watson). An API is available to include all modules to your solution. Connect your own IoT devices, learn, teach, research with full control!

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IoTool Sensors

IoChat is the Secured Communication Platform, Multi-platform Client / API / Self-hosted Server / Private Cloud solution used by all types of companies, institutions, and organizations. Hosted locally, on your servers or private cloud, under your control. Sensitive data remains private.

    Some of the features include:
  • Well-addressed privacy and security concerns
  • Traffic auditing
  • Simple integration with internal systems and other tools (ERP, EHR, etc.)
  • Can be set up on a website as a help desk
  • An API for developers and system integrators
  • A flexible UI

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IoTool Virtual Sensors

Crowd-sensing is an approach involving a large, spread out group of participants using mobile devices with the aim of receiving reliable data from the field. This approach has been used both in industry and multiple research studies, including traffic and road monitoring (geo-crowdsourcing), urban mobility, smart cities, social networking, healthcare, safety, environmental and ecological monitoring, and others.

The rapid emergence of mobile devices, such as smartphones and wearables, usually with a rich array of sensors, enables a new means of acquiring sensor data, known as crowd-sensing. Together with the intrinsic mobility of their users, the ability to acquire local knowledge from people’s immediate environment or even themselves is gained. Crowd-sensing is useful, not only to industry but also different research communities that have an interest in collecting a new class of data over a much larger scope of area and people than was previously possible. It is also an attractive approach for companies looking to collect data without high investment costs.

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